Read on for useful information and tips on insulating and sealing the basement. Keep your home well insulated by following a few simple processes to seal and insulate your basement. 

Basement insulation is all about following a certain process to seal or insulate ceiling and walls of the basement. The main purpose of basement insulation is to keep your home warm during winter and cool during summer. Insulating your basement in an effective manner helps maintain the right temperature under all weather conditions. It also helps in maintaining and influencing the right level of humidity in your home. It contributes a great deal towards conservation of electricity especially when you use air conditioners. In short, insulation helps in cutting down on your power bills. 

There are various types of materials used for basement insulation such as fibreglass insulation, foam board, glass fiber, rock wool, perlite, silicate compounds and so on. Certain chemicals and adhesives are also used to fix and line up the materials and components in a secured fashion. The type of insulation you use for the basement depends upon the temperature required for your home to help withstand all weather conditions. 

The function of the basement insulation is to decrease the convection and radiation of heat transfer by minimizing the solid conduction, which in turn helps your home stay cool during the warm weather conditions and warm during winters. The basement is insulated in such a manner that the heat is transferred from a warmer area to a cooler area in three different ways. In the first method, the heat is directly transferred from mass to mass which is known as conduction. In the second method, the heat is transferred from one space to another space, which is called convection. In the third method, the warm object transmits heat to a cooler object, which is known as radiation. 

It is highly recommended that a qualified contractor carries out the basement insulation work alone after a thorough analysis and planning. They will carry out this work in the most accurate and efficient manner to ensure that you enjoy the desired temperature required under all weather conditions. Do not allot this work to unskilled workers in order to minimize on cost. This may result in poor quality of work and you may not obtain the desired results.

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