So you’ve discovered a crack or other foundation leak in your basement and you need to get it fixed. You may feel a little lost as you discover there are many options when it comes to choosing a contractor. Not all are equal. We at Crack Buster feel we are your best choice. Let us tell you why.

The first thing you’re going to want to do after discovering a crack or cracks in your basement is research appropriate foundation crack repair companies. You will find there are many companies that pop up overnight and disappear just as quickly, making their warranties useless. Make sure the company has some local history. Look at their testimonials. Crack Buster has been operating locally in Edmonton and area for over 15 years, and we are proud of the reputation we have earned with our clients.

Next, you will want to book an estimate. Most companies offer free estimates. Take note of the receptionist’s manner, and the knowledge and punctuality of the estimator, as these may well be reflected in the quality of work. Crack Buster has a team of dedicated and capable individuals. Communication with clients is a great priority of ours.

Upon hearing each estimator’s spiel, you are going to have to weigh technique versus price. There are many “right” ways of doing the job; what matters the most though is that a seal has been accomplished at the outside of the foundation, in the location of the crack. You may think this means digging is required but not so! At Crack Buster we have devised a technique whereby we work from inside in such a way as to effect a flexible, permanent seal to the outside, thus saving the landscaping. Be suspicious of anyone who claims they can fix the crack by simply slapping a patch on the inside crack. This would be the equivalent of a fancy, expensive Band-Aid. While it may buy you some time, it will not permanently stop leakage. Your basement deserves better.

As for price, this will vary depending on the repair, but generally, Crack Buster is in the mid-range. If you desire a dig job, the price will be much greater. If you find a price that is very much less than ours, we strongly urge you to check the company’s history, testimonials, and warranty. Buyer beware. Most of Crack Buster’s repairs are warranted for the lifetime of the house. After all, no one wants to suffer the same leak twice! We are confidant you will find Crack Buster is the best value.

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