Leaky Basements

A leaky basement can be the biggest problem if you do not take it seriously. If you have a leaky basement you are in trouble as it can damage furniture, dry wall, and framing. About 60% of North American houses have leaky basements. These are caused due to seepage, runoff, or condensation.

  • Condensation: occurs in basement walls and floor as puddles and water drops. This problem is due to warm air meeting with insulated pipes or walls. If you keep the temperature warm inside during winter, this will prevent basement condensation. You can also use foam insulation to keep cold pipes free from condensation. With the help of a waterproof coating, you can make the walls concrete waterproof.
  • Run off: The major cause of basement damage can be rainwater and melted snow. The runoff water comes from the soil and stops at the foundation base. Make sure that the water runs off from your house to prevent these types of problems. You need to make your ground 1 inch sloped for every 1 foot. You can solve this problem by sealing the basement walls and patching the cracks in the foundation. There should not be any water collecting below grade. Patch all cracks in the driveway.
  • Subsurface seepage: When the ground outside your basement wall becomes oversaturated, some water may seep in through the base of the wall. The best way to avoid this is to grade the ground down and away from your house.

A leaky basement is a fundamental problem and must be fixed immediately.

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