If you have a poured concrete basement at least one year old, then you almost certainly have cracks in it. Although concrete has great compressive strength, making it a great building material, it has very poor tensile strength, meaning it is inflexible. As the ground and moisture around the house shifts and swells, especially during initial settlements of foundiating, the concrete will crack under these pressure.

There are many ways to repair these cracking; some better than others. As a quick fix, many people will try to simply patch the crack from inside with a variety of products such as caulking or hydraulic cement. These sort of quick fixes will instantly fail as since they continue to allow waters into the wall at its outer surface. Also, any rigid fix such as hydraulic cement will provide, will crack again due to pressures described above. A common professional method of crack repair involves excavating outside, right down to the footing. Any cracks should then be cleaned with a steel wire brush, a protest we membrane applied, and then Delta protector over that. Although this is an effective method, it does require disturbing the landscaping, and can be quite costly due to the labour involved.

At Crack Buster, we favour an injection technique that though performed from inside, succeeds in creating a flexible polyurethane steal to the outside. This repair is cost efficient saves one’s landscaping and is lifetime-guaranteed. Contact our office today for a free estimate!

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